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Migration Newsletter – Edition 9

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2021. We started the year at full throttle, with great news in WA, Canberra resuming applications and changes to the graduate (485) visa. 

Changes Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

The most recent (and somewhat polemic) news is in regards to the new legislation that started on 20 January 2021, which formalised the introduction of the 2nd Graduate visa in the Post Study stream for students who completed their entire Australian study requirement in a regional area, and continued to live and work regional for the duration of their 1st graduate visa.

The duration of the 2nd Graduate visa is 1 year if the studies and activities above have all been entirely in a “designated city or major regional area”, and 2 years if these have all been in a “designated regional centre or other regional areas”.

The polemic behind it

It sounded great, if it wasn’t for one small “detail”: the new legislation has a clause which implies that a person who has already held a 485 visa as a dependent to their partner will no longer be eligible to apply for a 485 for themselves! As the changes had the intention to just introduce the 2nd graduate visa for regional students, it is unclear if this extra change was planned or it was just a mistake when they wrote the legislation. Seven Migration is waiting for the Migration Institute of Australia and the Department of Home Affairs to clarify this issue before we can make an official announcement.

ACT Skilled Migration Program is open

In Canberra, the Australian Capital Territory has opened they skilled migration program for 2021, however only occupations on the ACT Critical Skills List January 2021 will be selected and, if ranked, invited to apply for nomination. 55 occupations have been added to the critical list, including Chefs, Carpenters, Community Workers and Hairdressers. The complete critical list and the number of places available each month can be found here:

WA is back!

The Western Australian government has also resumed invitations for the skilled migration program, after more than 6 months closed. This was great news for migrants in Perth, who now have access to almost the same list as it was in place before the pandemic. Of course it was bad news for some, for example Accountants and Teachers, but overall it was a very positive list with many more occupations available compared to other states that have already published their lists, such as New South Wales and the ACT. That is probably a reflection of the great control the state has been doing to avoid the spread of the virus, which means we still need Chef, Restaurant Managers and Event organisers =).

Tasmania by the end of the month

The list is coming on 29/01, stay tuned!

Claudio Garzini 
Director of Seven Migration and a Registered Migration Agent under MARN 1803676.

2 thoughts on “Migration Newsletter – Edition 9”

  1. Ana Maria Oliveira Pinto

    so recebi chance de ir para Austrália quem fala inglês fluente e somente uma pessoa ou quem tem família também pode ter a chance de morar ai.uma curiosidade minha

  2. Rosa Maria Gomez Albendea

    I lived in Geelong, Victoria from January 1974 with seven months of age until April 1990. I wish to go back to Australia to live and work. I have a 15 year old that wants to keep studing English. I would like information of where and how i have do do so.
    Thank you.
    Rosa Gómez.

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