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Migration Newsletter – Edition 10

Now we’re talking!

Regional state’s occupation lists are being released these last days, offering great pathways to migration! Eastern states, please learn from us! =)


Speaking of eastern states, Queensland has opened its skilled program from 01 February for applicants who have been working for the last 6 months in the nominated occupation in the state. Applicants with their occupations on the PMSOL (Priority Skills Migration Occupation List) and over 80 points will be given preference, while the 491 is open for applicants working in one of the target sectors:

  • Air Ambulance, Critical Medical, Medical Technology,
  • Engineering, Critical Infrastructure, Supply Chain
  • Telecommunications, Film & Television Production,
  • Maritime Industry, Agricultural Technology Food Technology,
  • Mining, Emerging Technology, Financial Technology, and
  • Large Scale Manufacturing.

Now for the bad news (as always in Queensland): the program will close on 07 February (you’ve heard right, only 1 week opened), resuming only in April 2021. Will the rules be the same in April? We don’t know. Queensland is definitely the hardest state to plan a consistent migration pathway.


That’s what I mean when I say a consistent migration plan! Tasmania has kept most of the pathways that were available before the pandemic, including a streamlined program for Tasmanian graduates, and even an option for overseas applicants! The list is inclusive, with more than 120 occupations, and for some programs (including for Tasmanian Graduates and applicants who have been working full-time in ANY skilled occupation in Tasmania) the state accepts applications from any of the more than 500 occupations on the list of eligible occupations, as defined by the Australian Government.

Are you considering Tasmania as your migration destination? Book a consultation so we can make a plan, the state will welcome you with open arms!

South Australia

Now, for the most anticipated list of all times: great news from Adelaide! More than 500 occupations are available on the SA skilled occupation list, and each occupation has its own criteria for nomination. Only applicants residing in South Australia are eligible to apply. 

As always, South Australia is a specialist in making its program the most complicated as possible, so please get a refreshment and sit on a comfortable chair before reading (ALL) the requirements, which we have summarised in a post in our social media channels: Facebook and Instagram.

There are also 3 priority streams (sit tight), which we have not been mentioned there:

  • International Graduate of South Australia: Providing opportunities and pathways for those who can contribute to South Australia’s priority growth industry sectors. 
  • Currently working in South Australia: If you are living and working in outer regional South Australia, or a long-term resident living and working in SA, you may be eligible for the waivers or reductions to the skilled work experience requirements
  • Talent and Innovators Program: Providing opportunities and pathways for those who can contribute to South Australia’s priority growth industry sectors, it has 4 substreams:
    • Employment stream: For highly skilled migrants who are working for South Australian businesses
    • Start up and small business stream: For entrepreneurial skilled migrants who have started their own business in South Australia
    • High performing graduate stream: For high performing graduates who have completed their qualification at a South Australian higher education institution
    • Independent talent stream: For high calibre applicants seeking state nomination

For more information, it is recommended that you book a consultation so we can choose a pathway that is tailored to your circumstances and plans.

Graduate (Subclass 485) Visa 

Although much speculation last week, the Migration Institute of Australia received confirmation from the Department of Home Affairs that “A person who previously held a Subclass 485 visa as a secondary visa holder is not excluded from applying for, or being granted, another Subclass 485 visa as the primary applicant”.

This is great news and confirms that it had only been a drafting error in legislation, contradicting the news widely spread last week that applicants who had held a 485 visa as a family member would not be eligible for a 485 of their own.

It is worth waiting for the correct information! =)

See you next time!

5 thoughts on “Migration Newsletter – Edition 10”

  1. Viviane Maria Morais Léo

    Fiquei muito feliz em saber que foram retomas as ótimas notícias sobre imigração para a Austrália, espero ter mais oportunidades depois de um ano tão caótico.

  2. Gabriel Calsing Rodrigues

    Sou mergulhador , motorista de pá carregadeira , tratores , dragas , motorista de caminhão e carros .
    Noções de construção , elétrica , hidráulica , mecânica e outras experiências
    Tenho interesse total em Gold Coast ou Perfh.

    1. Marketing Seven Migration

      Olá Gabriel, obrigada pelo seu comentário! Para entender mais sobre as suas possibilidades, agende sua consulta conosco.

  3. Julio Marinho de Assis

    Quais as possibilidade de conseguir um convite para imigração? Tenho muito interesse em estabelecer morada!

    1. Marketing Seven Migration

      Olá Julio,
      Recomendamos que agende uma consulta com um dos nossos agentes para avaliarem sua elegibilidade e traçarem juntos um planejamento para o seu caso.
      Todas as nossas consultas são agendadas através do site.

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