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We arrived Brazil!

A team dedicated to supporting clients living in Brazil and other countries and who dream of immigrating to Australia.

Meet your consultant


Our consultant Rafael Sobreira arrived in Australia in 2012 and went through the entire journey of student and immigrant. He is an expert when it comes to Australia, has visited most of the States and Territories of the country to understand the particularities of each one.

In these more than 10 years of experience, Rafael has managed more than 3 student agencies and understands about several different types of visas. He also had a student visa when he arrived in Australia, but soon after applied and was granted a Permanent Resident visa. Today, Rafael is an Australian citizen.

With a great ability to connect with people and find solutions for every of his clients’ challenges, Rafael is back to Brazil and is bringing Seven Migration Brasil in his luggage. Rafael believes that a well-designed plan, accompanied by dedication, persistence and professional follow-up are the keys to success in immigration.

His work is focused on understanding the needs of singles, couples and families, structuring a personalized plan for each case. Rafael speaks fluent English and Portuguese and in his free time, Rafael loves travelling and meeting new people.

Advantages of planning
with Seven Migration Brazil

Be better prepared

We will help you understand the process and life in Australia and make the most of your immigration consultation


The value of the consultation was adapted to the Brazilian currency, bringing a greater cost-benefit for Brazilians

Booking availability

Our team will service according to the time zone in Brazil, thus bringing greater flexibility in service

The expertise of more than 10 years

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in Australia, working with immigration and study strategies

Exclusive materials

You will receive structured materials for proper planning in Australia

Security in your planning

We were awarded the best immigration agency of 2021 according to the APAC Insider Legal Awards


Professional migration advice tailored to clients’ personal circumstances, objectives and immigration background


Keep updated to the latest migration news compiled by our Director, Claudio Garzini.

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