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Migration Services in Australia


As an Australia-based migration law practice with worldwide operations, we specialise in the provision of legal migration services to Australia. Amidst these services, our team of experienced Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) provide:

Professional migration advice tailored to clients’ personal circumstances, objectives & immigration background.

Full and robust analysis of clients’ eligibility to apply for a wide range of Australian visas.

Recommendations concerning visa options and which subclasses and/or strategies best suit clients’ migration goals.

Assistance with the lodgement of several Australian visas, as well as with the preparation of most supporting evidence required.

Legal representation before the Department of Home Affairs and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal on migration and review matters.

In addition to the above legal services, we are also proud to offer specialised skills recognition services in connection to a variety of Skills Assessment authorities, including VETASSESS, TRA, ACS, AACA, AHPRA, ANMAC, CPA, and Engineers Australia.


Professional migration advice tailored to clients’ personal circumstances, objectives and immigration background


Keep updated to the latest migration news compiled by our Director, Claudio Garzini.

Other Visas Service

There are several other temporary and permanent visa options available to those seeking to travel, visit, study and/or work in Australia. Amidst those, we are specialised in the following categories:

Our agents are registered with the Omara office of the migration agents registration authority. Registered agents are bound by a code of conduct to protect your rights as a client. You can access the code here.
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