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Terms & Conditions

Please make sure to carefully read the following terms and conditions before agreeing. This is a legally binding agreement and, as such, will be kept by us for record purposes.

By agreeing to the following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”), you agreed and acknowledge that:

  1. You will pay any consultation fees (“Consultation Fees”) payable to Seven Migration Pty Ltd (“Seven Migration”) for each Consultation you book in accordance with Seven Migration’s Payment Policy or as otherwise directed by Seven Migration’s website, regardless of the amount payable and/or if extra changes are later applied to such Consultation Fees.
  2. All Consultation Fees must be paid in full to Seven Migration via its secured website prior to consultations (“Consultations” or “Appointments”) being scheduled or taking place.
  3. Seven Migration reserves the right to refrain you from attending an Appointment in case payment has not been made and/or successfully approved/confirmed by the due date.
  4. All Consultation Fees are calculated on the basis of Seven Migration’s Fee Structure and may, from time to time, be altered.
  5. Seven Migration reserves the right to make changes to Consultation Fees without prior notice; in which case, future bookings may be subject to different pricing.
  6. Should any of the aforementioned changes/alterations take place, Seven Migration will update its website and, whenever you book an Appointment, Consultation Fees covering such Consultation will be calculated and charged as per the information available on Seven Migration’s website at the time of the booking (i.e., updated information).
  7. Consultation Fees are pre-established financial outlays that are non-negotiable.
  8. Any amounts displayed on Seven Migration’s website are inclusive of GST, whenever applicable.
  9. Any amounts displayed on Seven Migration’s website do not include other surcharges that might be applicable to the transaction depending on your preferred payment method.
  10. Seven Migration’s website may provide you with one (or more) payment options/methods and, by selecting a particular payment option/method, you agree to be bound by any terms and conditions established by the provider of such option/method.
  11. Bookings are subject to Seven Migration’s date and time availability and, accordingly, are subject to change.
  12. Seven Migration reserves the right to cancel or reschedule your Appointment at any given time from the moment you book it.
  13. Should you, for any reason, be required to cancel and/or reschedule your Appointment, you will need to provide Seven Migration with, at least, forty-eight (48) hours notice.
  14. Failure to comply with item 13 may result in refunds not being granted by Seven Migration, if requested.
  15. Should you, for any reason, be required to cancel your appointment, you will only be entitled to a refund upon sending Seven Migration a formal request (via email), and provided that you meet with Seven Migration’s Refund Policy (as outlined in items 16 to 24 of these Terms and Conditions).
  16. Should, for any reason, Seven Migration be required to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you will only be entitled to a refund upon sending Seven Seven Migration a formal request (via email).
  17. Any refund requests and/or claims you make will be individually assessed by Seven Migration.
  18. Seven Migration reserves the right not to issue you refunds in case you fail to comply with any of the provisions set under these Terms and Conditions.
  19. Seven Migration will make all reasonable efforts to provide you with a full refund of Consultation Fees paid, should your Appointment be cancelled and request for such refund be sent to Seven Migration, in accordance with items 13 to 16.
  20. All refunds will be processed within three (3) business days following Seven Migration’s approval of your request/claim for a refund.
  21. Any refunds given to you will be inclusive of GST in Australia (i.e., GST is also refundable) or ISS in Brazil. Alternatively, any other fees or surcharges paid by you to third parties and/or payment providers (such as banks/financial or PayPal) are non-refundable.
  22. No refunds will be made available after your Consultation has taken place, whether you have attended to it or not.
  23. In light of item 22, should you fail to attend your appointment for any reason and fail to cancel or reschedule it in accordance with item 13, a refund will not be likewise made available.
  24. In accordance with item 23, absences will not be subject to discounts, refunds, credit or transfer of dates or times under any circumstances. The same applies in case you are late to you Consultation.
  25. Upon completing the online booking, your Appointment will be temporarily scheduled for a period of twenty-four (24) hours – after which it will be automatically cancelled, should you fail to make the corresponding payment or should Seven Migration be unable to confirm your payment within this twenty-four (24) hour grace period. As a result, should Seven Migration be unable to verify your payment in time, your Appointment will be automatically cancelled and you will have to reschedule it, subject to new availability.
  26. Upon receiving and successfully confirming your payment, Seven Migration will issue a confirmation of your booking. Until such a time, Seven Migration shall not be held responsible or liable should any other persons book an Appointment on the date and/or time-slot you have selected.
  27. Seven Migration shall be held free of any liability arising from any funds lost as a result of payment issues, changes to Consultation times and/or dates, or any other reasons (without any limitation) and no other claims for compensation or expense reimbursements by you shall be admissible and/or enforceable upon Seven Migration.
  28. You will be required to accept any changes to Seven Migration’s Fees Structure and to pay any differences to cover discrepancies, whenever applicable and/or as otherwise directed by Seven Migration. Please note that future changes to Seven Migration’s Fees Structure will not affect you once you have paid for your Consultation, unless these changes relate to subsequent appointments which are to be charged and/or treated as new bookings.
  29. In the interest of all parties, Seven Migration reserves the right to terminate any Consultation and to enforce the removal of any person (or persons) from its premises whose behaviour or demeanour is, in Seven Migration’s view, deemed to be unacceptable.
  30. Should Seven Migration exercise any of the actions outlined in item 29, you shall not be entitled to any discounts, reimbursements and/or refunds of monies paid to Seven Migration in connection to Consultations, as well as to any form of credit and/or transfer of Consultation date and/or time.
  31. You are responsible for your own actions and behaviour as well as for the actions and behaviours of any person (or persons) whom you bring with you to your Consultation.
  32. Seven Migration reserves the right to postpone and/or cancel any Consultation as a result of disruptive and/or inappropriate behaviour from you or anyone who attends your Consultation with you.
  33. Any form of abuse from you (or anyone accompanying you throughout your Consultation) directed at anyone at Seven Migration (including but not limited to its staff and/or other clients) will not be tolerated and will be subject to appropriate action.
  34. Both parties have an obligation to comply with the appropriate code of conduct and to preserve a friendly, respectful and professional environment. Please note that a copy of the official Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents will be made available at Seven Migration’s premises, should you need to refer to it at anytime prior, during or post your Appointment.
  35. In light of provisions set out under items 29 to 34, appropriate code of conduct extends to the use of Seven Migration’s equipment and premises. You are hereby responsible for the appropriate use of any property belonging to Seven Migration by you and/or any other person (or persons) accompanying you and any damage done to these assets may result in a fine to cover the replacement costs of such goods.
  36. There will be no tolerance for drug and/or alcohol use within Seven Migration’s premises.
  37. Throughout your Consultation, a Registered Migration Agent will ask you a series of questions relating but not limited to your family, educational and employment background, visa history in Australia and objectives in and outside Australia. You hereby agree to provide Seven Migration’s representatives with accurate and updated information at all times.
  38. Any migration plans, strategies and or advice given to you by Seven Migration’s Registered Migration Agents are solely based upon the information you have provided (or will provide) them with before, during or after your Consultation. As a result, you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of such information.
  39. Should you fail to provide Seven Migration and/or its representatives with any information requested or should you provide wrong or inaccurate information, the migration plans, strategies and/or advices given to you by Seven Migration and it representatives may be compromised. As a result, you shall not be entitled to any form of compensation from Seven Migration for any losses and/or damage you endure as a result of any misrepresentation, misleading or deceptive conduct from your behalf or as a result of your failure to comply with items 37 and 38.
  40. Seven Migration offers no guarantee with respect to your compliance with eligibility requirements nor to the approval of visa applications and/or any other processes explained and/or recommended to you throughout your Consultation. Similarly, no reassurances are made in any of these regards.
  41. By allowing a third party to be present at a Consultation, for the sake of any items in these Terms and Conditions which make reference to such person (or persons), you hereby agree to be solely responsible for them and their actions/behaviour.
  42. Seven Migration shall not be, hence, held liable for any loss or damage you endure should any third party who attends your Consultation with you disclose and/or make any use of the information/advice/recommendation given to you by a Registered Migration Agent during such an Appointment. As a result, you also hereby agree to share any personal information discussed during Consultations with such third parties.
  43. As part of Seven Migrations fiduciary duties to act in your best interest and in accordance with the law, Seven Migration will keep all of your personal information private and will not disclose it to any unauthorised third parties.
  44. For the purposes of items 37 to 43, Consultations may relate to any services provided by Seven Migration, including but not limited to those in association with migration and/or skills assessment matters.
  45. Seven Migration may, on certain occasions, give clients entitlements to free-of-charge Consultations. Seven Migration does, however, reserve the right to alter its Booking Policies and to remove entitlement rights from any future bookings, without further notice. Please note, however, that any entitlements you obtain at the time of your booking (as per item 26) will be, nonetheless, honoured by Seven Migration; while any entitlements that are not be attached to your booking (either because they have been removed from Seven Migration’s Booking Policies or are no longer applicable to the circumstances of your booking) will not.
  46. You acknowledge that the above Terms and Conditions are fair, equitable and enforceable.
  47. Should, for any reason of law, any of the items/provisions set out under these Terms and Conditions be deemed invalid and/or void in a court of law, or be in contradiction to another item/provision, the remaining items/provisions shall be still enforceable upon both parties, in line with this agreement itself.
  48. These Terms and Conditions are in accordance with and governed by the Australian Law and all parties shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Australian Courts.
  49. Once agreed upon, these Terms and Conditions become a legally binding document that may be exercised in counterparts to ensure the enforcement of the provisions thereof. As such, any breaches to the above items shall be treated as a breach of contractual arrangement.
  50. You have fully read and understood the above Terms and Conditions and that you hereby irrevocably agree to abide by them for an indefinite period of time.


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