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Migration Newsletter – Edition 23

Hello everyone!

The year 2022-23 has finally started. Although the Federal Budget will be reviewed only in October, the conclusion of the Jobs & Skills Summit brought many immigration news for us to talk about. The new government has already shown that they are keen to make immigration one of the country’s top priorities.

Jobs and Skills Summit – Migration Session

The new Minister for the Department of Home Affairs, Clare O’Neil, made our day (actually our year!) by saying that the government intends to undergo an ‘in-depth’ review of the Australian migration program, including raising the total migration places to 195,000 (from 160,000 in 2021-22). This is the first increase in migration cap in over ten years and the highest in history!

The government is adopting a line of thought to move away from temporary migration and develop new pathways to permanent residency and citizenship. Another priority of the new government is to decrease the looooooooooooong processing times of almost all visa categories, which is keeping people on temporary or bridging visas for years.

Longer Post-study visas

We will not have to wait until the end of the review to see the new measures. Some have already started. One example is the announcement that the post-study stream of the temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) will have a longer duration, at least for selected degrees in areas of verified skill shortages (yet to be announced). These will be increased by:

  • From Two years to four years for select Bachelor’s degrees
  • From Three years to five years for select Masters degrees
  • From Four years to six years for select PhDs.


State nomination programs

Another very good thing that has already happened is the interim quota the states have received to kickstart their state nomination programs for this financial year while the Summit and review of the Federal Budget are not concluded. And this so-called ‘interim’ quota looks impressive, with some states more than doubling the migration places they had received last year! So let’s go for the winners and losers:

  • Western Australia: the BIGGEST winner. The state has raised its quota from 1,440 last year to 8,140 in 2022-23, the 3rd largest quota in the country! To be able to find people to fill all these migration places, the state has created lots of concessions and included 100 occupations to its state occupation list. The west is again the best!
  • South Australia: it was very good, but it is now a little better: from a quota of 5,200 last year to 5,880 this year, and a program fairly similar to last year. Although the state has 2,000 fewer places compared to WA, its occupation list is still double in size, so definitely a state to consider moving to.
  • New South Wales: the biggest program in the country is now even bigger: 12,030 migration places, a jump of 4,390 compared to last year. Still, it continues to be very competitive, and the state has now introduced points and experience thresholds, with some occupations requiring 115 points!!!!! Good luck, Sydney!!
  • Victoria: the largest quota for the 190 visa (9,000), it is definitely waaaaaay better than last year, when they had 4,000 places for the 190 and 491 combined. The program seems much more inclusive now, but you must live and work in Victoria (or overseas) to qualify. If you live in Victoria, your salary will be considered, so ask for that pay rise!
  • Queensland: almost doubled its migration program in size, from 2,250 last year to 4,200 this year! The program is similar to last year, but the larger quota means we will again start seeing many invitations. If you did not want to leave Queensland, now you might not have to!
  • Tasmania: a very shy increase of 50 migration places, reaching 3,350. Still, a brand new (and very interesting) program, which includes gold, green and orange pass. That is so cool, isn’t it?
  • ACT: from 2,000 to 2720 migration places, and the same Canberra Matrix as before. Oh, they are now back at accepting applications from offshore!
  • Northern Territory: from 1,000 last year to 1,400 this year, and the same program as before.

Good luck, everyone!

Our deepest condolences to the Royal family on the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you for your gentle strength and years of service. You are a true inspiration to all of us. Your commitment to Truth, Justice, Dignity, Humility, Affection and so many others will shine thru. 

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth. You will be sadly missed.

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