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Migration Newsletter – Edition 11

Hello everyone!

After a bit more than 2 months without much news, we are back with our newsletter. We lodged more than 150 applications within this period, especially due to the 15 of March date (that’s when a lot of student visas expire). This ‘break’ in immigration news was providential! =)

State Nomination Allocation

Most states are announcing that they have limited invitations available for the remainder of the financial year, which will end in less than 3 months.

If you are not invited for a visa until the 30th of June, nothing to worry about: 2021-22 starts in July, with probably another 160,000 places (perhaps more??) for permanent migration. The skilled migration program should return to its former glory in the 21-22 financial year, as the financial year that is ending now saw an increase in family visa allocations.

The Department of Home Affairs has already announced that this will not be repeated for the following years, so hurray! The Budget will happen now in May, and then we will know what to expect for the new year, so fingers crossed!

Regional NSW

New and increased skilled occupation lists for all regionals of NSW have now been published. This comes as excellent news, since all the regions had very limited occupations until last month, and have now opened invitations to Chefs, Cooks, Carpenters, Motor Mechanics, Enrolled Nurses, among many others. 

Please note, however, that the regions are only inviting candidates in Stream 1 (Living and Working in regional NSW) and Stream 2 (Recently completed study in regional NSW), with priority given to Stream 1.

So, if you want to be considered for an invitation from one of the regions, pack your bags to be moving there soon! Oh, and don’t forget to find a job when you get there, or at least start a course in your field. ;o)

Our 5th Migration Agent

I believe most of you followed in February our merging with Simply Migration, and consequently Nia Lopes starting to be part of our operation. This was massive news for us, since Nia has been helping Brazilian migrants in Adelaide for more than 15 years, and we are thrilled to have her in our team.

Nia was our 4th Registered Migration Agent (RMA), and now we can proudly announce that we also have a 5th RMA: Alexandra Cacenote, who has been working as a Case Manager at Seven Migration for almost two years and recently obtained her registration with the MARA office to become a Registered Migration Agent. She conquered this title after successfully passing the challenging Capstone exam, which has a fail rate of 87%. With a background in Law in Brazil and almost ten years of experience, Alexandra arrived in Australia in May 2017.

Alexandra is currently going through comprehensive training at our headquarters in Perth, but from 19/April will be available for consultations. She will be back in Adelaide at the end of the month and from 28/April will also be available for in-person consultations at our Adelaide office.

See you next time!

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